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Croatian Pharmaceutical Society

Croatian Pharmaceutical Society CPhS

CPhS is a national, independent, voluntary, professional association gathering pharmacists of the Republic of Croatia with the aim of improving professional and scientific work in the field of pharmacy.



First professional association was founded in 1858; it has operated under the name of CPhS since 1946.

Main Objectives

  • Development of pharmaceutical profession by stimulating professional and scientific work
  • Running continuing education courses
  • Organizing professional and scientific events
  • Publishing journals and books
  • Promoting and advancing all forms of pharmaceutical education
  • Cooperation with health institutions, Croatian Pharmaceitical Chamber and other associations
  • Adhering to ethical principles
  • Development of the perception of honour, dignity and responsability of pharmaceutical vocation


  • Full – open to Croatian citizens, university graduates in pharmacy
  • Associated – open to professionals or scientists, graduates from related faculties who work in the field of pharmacy
  • Honorary – granted to persons that have appreciably contributed to the advancement of pharmaceutical profession
  • Number of members – close 1000

Structural Form

CPhS with headquarters in Zagreb operates through 6 regional branches, which do not have a legal entity status. Founded on the territorial principle, they operate in the territory of their respective counties.

Organizational Form

Professional and scientific work is carried out in 11 sections:

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Section
  • Drug Analysis Section
  • health Ecology Section
  • History of Pharmacy Section
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Section
  • Pharmacy Information Section
  • Medical Plants Section
  • Community Pharmacy Section
  • Hospital Pharmacy Section
  • Pharmacy Owners Section
  • Junior Pharmacists Section

Operational Bodies

Assembly, Managing Board, Court of Honour, Supervisory Board, President, Secretary General. Only full members can be elected into these bodies.


Croatia Organization Bodies


  • Farmaceutski glasnik – official, monthly professional journal of CPhS, in Croatian, since 1945. Publishes original scientific and professional papers, review articles, contributions about pharmacy practice, history of pharmacy, new health legislation, books and journal reviews, various reports relevant to pharmacy.
  • Acta pharmaceutica – quarterly scientific journal issued by CPhS in English, started in 1951. Publishes original scientific papers, preliminary and short communications dealing with pharmacy and related fields, new book reviews.
  • Prescribed books and forms for keeping pharmacy records/documents.
  • Professional books.


  • “Dr. Julije Domac” medal – in recognition of outstanding achievements in scientific, professional and social work, only one a year, founded in 1955.
  • “Mr. Ph. Antun Karlovac” prize – in acknowledgement of special contribution to pharmacy practice, only one a year, founded in 1958.
  • CPhS diploma – in recognition of the members’ outstanding activities in sections or branches, several a year.

CPhS International Membership

  • EUFEPS – European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (since 1991, founding member). More…
  • FIP – International Pharmaceutical Federation (since 1993). More…
  • EuroPharm Forum (since 1994). More…
  • EAHP – European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (since 1998).
  • PGEU – Pharmacy Group of the European Union (observer status since 1999). More…


Croatian Pharmaceutical Society
Masarykova 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 1 48 72 849; Fax +385 1 48 72 853
e-mail: hfd-fg-ap@zg.t-com.hr
Website: http://www.hfd-fg.hr