The National Chamber of Pharmacists is an institution encompassing all pharmacists carrying out their profession in Metropolitan France or in the overseas departments and collectivities.

It is required by law to fulfil public service missions. These missions set by the Code de la santé publique [Public Health Law] (Article L.4231-1) are:

  • to ensure respect of professional duties;
  • to provide protection of the integrity and independence of the profession;
  • to monitor the competency of pharmacists;
  • to contribute to promoting public health and the quality of treatments, particular the safety of professional actions.

The National Council of the Chamber of Pharmacists is the custodian of professional legality and integrity (Article L.4231-2  of the Code de la santé publique). It is qualified to represent pharmacy, in its field of activity, with the public authorities and assistance bodies. It may exercise all rights reserved for civil actions before all jurisdictions relating to circumstances involving a direct or indirect prejudice to the collective interests of the pharmaceutical profession. It organises the implementation of the Pharmaceutical record.

The National Chamber of Pharmacists has the structure of a National Council with seven sections, each managed by a Central Council. Each section represents one of the pharmaceutical professions, with the exception of sections E and D.

Where a Council sits in a disciplinary chamber, it is presided over by a magistrate from the administrative order (in the case of the National Council, by a State Counsellor).

Central Council D

This Council manages and represents pharmacists employed in community pharmacies, deputy pharmacy owners, owners following the death of an owner, temporary employed pharmacists; employed pharmacists or pharmacy managers in co-operative pharmacies and in regional mining social security insurance offices (CANSSM); pharmacists responsible for dispensing medical gas in the home, consulting pharmacists for the Health Insurance scheme, pharmacists associated with centres and structures having mobile treatment teams for individuals at risk or in a situation of exclusion ; as well as all pharmacists not liable to belong to one of the other sections.

Registration on the register of the Chamber

In order to work in their profession, all pharmacists must be registered on the register of the Chamber of Pharmacists.

When this takes place the Chamber ensures that the applicant pharmacist fulfils all the conditions laid down by law: the nature of their qualification, the conditions of nationality, competence and ethical standards, and, as appropriate, the holding of a dispensary operating licence, or attestation of special experience required for certain activities…

The list of documents to be supplied in support of an application for registration is determined by law: Read more…

Further information

Conseil Central de la Section D de l’Ordre national des pharmaciens
4-6 avenue Ruysdaël- TSA 700 38 – 75379 PARIS cedex 08- FRANCE
Phone: +33 156 21 35 70 ; Fax : +33 156 21 34 29.


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