Elections: the parliamentary elections on October 15th brought a big change to the Austrian political landscape. The Ecologist party lost their seats, winners were the conservatives under Mr. Kurz (ÖVP), who will build a coalition with the FPÖ (right wing) under Mr. Strache, and the Socialist Party will be in opposition. During their coalition negotiations, Kurz and Strache have announced many reforms, also concerning the health sector and the Austrian Pharmacists will have to face a new Minister of Health.

Collective Agreements for Pharmacists;

The VAAOE for the employee pharmacists and the Apothekerverband for the owners of the pharmacies have agreed on the following changes of the Collective Agreement

  • Salaries: with 1st January 2018, the salaries for employee pharmacists will be increased by 2,25%
  • Working Time: the regulations for the on-duty times have been adjusted to the EU regulations of working time, from 2018 on pharmacists can work up to 24 h a day and 72 h a week, if their average working time does not exceed 60 h a week and if the pharmacist works a big part of this time on-duty in the closed pharmacy.
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