This June, the vibrant city of Zagreb hosted the European Association of Employed Community Pharmacists (EPhEU) for our semi-annual Executive Board meeting. Held at the Hotel Dubrovnik, located in the heart of the city, this gathering was not only a meeting of minds but also a celebration of our continuous collaboration across the continent.

A Meeting of Significance

The agenda was packed with crucial topics that are set to shape the future of pharmacy practice across Europe. Our discussions were rich and varied, covering everything from legislative changes to new educational initiatives.

Day One: Strategic Discussions and Statutory Changes

The first day focused on internal matters critical to the foundation of EPhEU. We reviewed the minutes of our previous meeting, finalized the statutes, and discussed the schedule and themes for our General Assembly. It was a day of significant decisions that will guide our operations and initiatives throughout the coming year.

Day Two: Broadening Our Horizons

On the second day, the meeting opened up to include all members of the EPhEU. We were treated to insightful presentations from various country representatives, each highlighting unique challenges and milestones.

As we reflect on the outcomes of the Zagreb meeting, it's clear that the landscape of pharmacy in Europe is evolving. The discussions held, decisions made, and relationships fostered during this meeting are stepping stones towards a more integrated and collaborative pharmaceutical practice in Europe.

We are grateful for the hospitality of Zagreb and the proactive engagement of all EPhEU members. As we look ahead, we are energized by our shared commitment to advancing the pharmacy profession and health care standards across Europe.

Your active participation and feedback are what shape our path forward.

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