The new board of the Central Council of Section D of the National Order of Pharmacists (assistant pharmacists, managers of mutual or mining pharmacies and other categories of pharmacists) was elected on June 20, still headed by Jérôme Parésys-Barbier.
Jérôme Parésys-Barbier is again reappointed as President of the Central Council of Section D. This is also the case for Françoise Amouroux, reappointed as Vice-President and Philippe Floquet, reappointed as Treasurer. Also elected as members of the office: Céline Dutailly, Cécile Guerard-Detuncq, Jean-François Guezo, Hubert Metais, Thierry Pons-Hermant and Caroline Wehrle-Willer.

In addition, in order to represent Section D on the National Council, the following were elected as assistant pharmacists and other exercises: Serge Caillier (holder) and Yannick Duffourg (substitute), Karine Pansiot-Mestric (holder) and Maryline Charra (substitute).

It should be remembered that Section D includes assistants working in pharmacies, replacements of pharmacy owners or pharmacy managers after death, mutual and mining pharmacists, pharmacists responsible for dispensing gases for medical use in patients homes, pharmacists in centers and structures with mobile care teams, health insurance advisory pharmacists, etc.

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