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•    The introduction of the e-prescription is at hand, from 2017 live operation will begin. The most important change will be that these prescriptions will be directly linked to the Electronic Healthcare Providing Space, thus providing healthcare professionals an easier way to digitally access (in compliance with the appropriate privileges) each other’s information.

•    The National Health Insurance Fund (OEP) will be abolished. According to the decision-maker the reorganization of National Health Insurance Funds goal is, through the development of the Hungarian State Treasury to create a point through which all payments in kind and support (such as maternity leave, pension, sick pay, accident benefits, disability pension) can be paid. The pharmacy profession was not asked about the decision, in their opinion this could cause serious damages.

•    Hungary’s pioneer CPR training program TEVAgy a Hős! (You are the hero!) led by ambulance technician Péter Klupács and ambulance officer Zalán Mészáros was launched in April 2014. In the two years since then more than 500 occasions were held where more than 10000 people were taught to do CPR. The continuation of the program shows its undoubted success.

•    The 13th Pharmacy Day was held as usual on the first Wednesday of June (June 1, 2016), during the day Hungary’s largest comprehensive humanitarian health screening program was organized. The program is recommended for those who want to measure their overall health status and for those who are interested in prevention and want to know more about a healthy lifestyle all at one place and time with immediate evaluation.

•    Pop-up pharmacies can help to care patients during larger events. This new change in the health law affects continuous outdoor events which are held for at least three days and have at least 20000 participants. According to the new law one out of the three nearest community pharmacies can get a permit to set up a pop-up pharmacy at the event.

•    The vaccine manufacturing facility of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Biologicals Pharmaceutical Ltd. has opened a new production department in Gödöllő, which will further strengthen Hungary’s role as a pharmaceutical superpower. During the 2014 and 2020 European Union budget cycle the EU funds for research and development in Hungary are expected to be tripled.

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