As all in the others countries of UE all the pharmacists who trade by internet must at the end of May apply to the RGPD to protect the personal data collected. Monaco is not an

European member but we trade with Europe so we also must apply the new directives and so the government works to modify the law to be conform.

The second point which is important is the serialisation to fight against falsification of drugs.

In France and in Monaco we have got a specific distribution which make difficult to have false medication but as all the others countries in UE we must in February identify all the drugs on prescription. It is a lot of works for all the sections of pharmacy (industry, hospital) and of course pharmacists who will be the one to deliver the box to the patient.

We have a lot of works also with the government and the social security fund to try to find different ways to get money. Until nowadays selling box of drugs was our remuneration but it is no more rentable. We must show our skills in health matters regarding vaccination, old people with a lot of medication, diabetes…

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