Pharmacist day

For more than 20 years, polish pharmacist day was only organized for polish pharmacist. This year the formula of the current celebrations has been changed, it has been extended to the substantive part, where invited speakers from Europe presented their positions.

The new form and scientific conference were enthusiastically received by the invited and met with great interest. The lectures were delivered by the representatives of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union and the National Health Service. Jurate Svarcaite, Nadia Bukhari and Akila Ahmed are pharmacists with considerable local and professional experience. In a very pictorial way, they presented pharmaceutical policy in the United Kingdom, but also on the example of other European countries, systemic solutions that contributed to the extension of pharmaceutical care, increasing the rank and role of a pharmacist in the health care system and the priorities of local governments.

Pharmaceutical care pilot

Polish Ministry of Health together with the polish Pharmaceutical Chamber set  up a team responsible for delivering the pharmaceutical care pilot in Poland. The objective of this project is to find the best way to start medicine use review services (MUR) in Poland and calculate the reimbursement fee. Hence there is lots different areas of lobbing and influence with different business interests the opinion is divided, if we should perform the pilot on elderly with over 5 medicines, as well as what medical conditions should be considered.

Polish Ministry of Health with the Polish Pharmacy Chamber organized a new team who will also be responsible for creating a Profession Act about the pharmacy profession. At the moment, there is a great discrepancy on what pharmacist can do, and what cannot. The law does not precisely describe what activities is an element of pharmaceutical care or what is not.

Polish team from Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz and Medical University of Gdansk, presented a parallel pharmaceutical care pilot, but as a pharmacy intervention with the use of pharmaceutical pictograms. We have not received a clear opinion from the National Pharmaceutical Chamber, as they are not convinced that pictograms are the element of pharmaceutical care.  In the light of these actions, the research team decided to offer an alternative project to the Ministry of Health which will be presented on 19th of December.

There is still an ongoing debate about the new legislation in Poland pharmacy for pharmacist. Many different lobbing groups try to point out this was not a good idea. In general, we still have to wait for real measurable outcomes.

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