Progressus is a new Croatian association of pharmacists dedicated to empowering the colleagues in community pharmacies. As our mission, values and goals are compatible with the EPhEU, one of our first steps was joining the EPhEU. 

We participated in the 11th General Assembly of EPhEU (26th and 27th of October in Oslo, Norway) where we had a great opportunity to share with our colleagues projects that we started in our first year. 

We established agreements of cooperation with our partners from Europe (ADEXA, ZZPF, PDA  ) and Croatia (Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists, Meddox - IT startup, Parenthood Institute - pediatricians, Nutriconsult - nutritionist and soon with Croatian Society of Pharmacy Technicians). In Oslo we also signed an agreement of cooperation with Norges Farmaceutiske Forening.

Our first activity in Croatia was connected with the project “Medicines for Ukraine” in partnership with the EPhEU. With the Parenthood Institute we have delivered a new form of accredited CPD Pediatric practicum for pharmacists, which will have another edition later this year. We support Meddox as pharma experts in the design of an app for adherence.

With the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia we participate in Erasmus+ project “Pharmacy - A Friend of healthy offspring”.

In partnership with EPhEU and PDA we started a national project “Stop the violence in pharmacies”. As a part of this project, Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists and Progressus organized a webinar session that attracted 1100 participants, and we will continue this project with a series of Zoom workshops in small groups to empower pharmacists in handling violence in pharmacies. 

Meeting our colleagues in Oslo and exchanging our experiences, activities and success stories inspired us greatly. There are so many possibilities to empower pharmacists. We will continue and deepen our collaboration to support our colleagues even further.

We appreciate the support we have as a new member of the EPhEU.

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