Last year, the members of EPhEU decided to start a survey on the working time and the salaries of employee pharmacists in Europe, as we noticed, that the regulations in the different European countries, may they be EU members or not, are quite different and that we have not enough data to compare the situation in the different countries.

So we made two questionnaires, one addressing organizations representing employee pharmacists in Europe, the other every European employee pharmacist to get these data and have a better basis to work on.

To get as many answers as possible, we have now put these questionnaires on our homepage to give every such organization and every employee pharmacist the opportunity to answer our questions and to help us gathering information by following these steps:

Please choose the suitable Questionnaire

Download the PDF and send it to our head office (see right side for postal adress and e-mail)

These will be open until 10.10.2018


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Questionnaire for Organizations(74.61 KB)
Questionnaire for Pharmacists(73.07 KB)
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