With the various members of EPhEU spreading out across the continent, some of the pharmacists are in Ukraine and some are struggling with keeping the hospital service operational in the face of the devastation caused by the war and they have appealed to their EPhEU colleagues for help. As pharmacists we will know that many medicines for hospitals are found in infusion bags, others may be specialist medicated wound dressings; some must be maintained and transported at certain temperatures and all must be protected by falsified medicines safeguards. Hospitals can only treat their patients with such medicines if they know that they have arrived through proper channels and for which the quality can be guaranteed, for only then will they know that they are safe to use on patients that need them the most. To date, the generosity of the world’s population has been astonishing. Millions of people in Poland and the other neighbouring countries have welcomed refugees into their homes. Spontaneously, communities, schools, and various places of worship across the world have organized collections. People have also sent all kinds of medicines, those that they have at home or purchased from their local pharmacy, those that they have sent together with clothes, food and even toys. Most of these acts of generosity have been delivered to the Polish Ukrainian border in cardboard boxes, transported in vans across the continent and beyond.

The campaign is working with Pharmacists Without Borders and other relevant charity partners such as Caritas – a Polish charity that is hugely invested in this project and massively appreciates the professional knowledge and expertise of pharmacists.
Your donations will be used to purchase the required medicines in a centralised scheme, from the most appropriate suppliers and deliver them to the Ukrainian hospitals.
Additionally, when it is appropriate to do so, pharmacists who are already volunteering from all over the world may be given specific training by Pharmacists without Borders and sent to help in hospitals and refugee centres being established to support the humanitarian effort.

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