• Ordinal elections, which began in the spring of 2019, ended on Monday 1st July with the election of the National Council Board, renewing Carine Wolf-Thal as President.
    Thus, all the ordinal councilors were renewed by this election and more than half are newly elected.
  • From now on, parity is appropriate in each institution and local representation is adapted to the new administrative regions: for pharmacists holding pharmacies, the number of regional councils is reduced from 21 to 12 and overseas delegations are 4 to 7 previously.
  • more than 700 elected Ordinary Councilors and Substitutes are to provide you with advice and information in the professional practice and work with you on developments in the profession, serving public health and patient
  • Composition of the Board of the Central Council of Section D representing the employed communauty pharmacists (also 12 regions represented) and other exercises:
  • President: Jérôme PARÉSYS-BARBIER
  • Vice President: Françoise AMOUROUX
  • Treasurer: Philippe FLOQUET
  • Members: Céline DUTAILLY; Isabelle GEILER-COURTOIS; Cécile GUÉRARD-DETUNCQ; Marie-Pierre OZENFANT-PETIT; Nathalie TEINTURIER; Caroline WEHRLE-WILLER (new french head of delegation for EPHEU)
  • Elected as employed community pharmacists and other exercises serving on the National Council:
  • Serge CAILLIER (incumbent) – Yannick DUFFOURG (substitute)
  • Karine PANSIOT (incumbent) – Maryline CHARRA (substitute)
  • Dominique BURAUD (incumbent) – Ali MATSAR (substitute)
  • Elise HARO-BRUNET (incumbent) – Christine PLANTIER-SAMPEUR (substitute)
  • Vaccination (only flu) is one of the tasks that can be carried out by community pharmacists throughout the country since March 1st 2019 (Article 59 of the Social Security Financing Act (LFSS) for 2019).
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